Surface Piercings

Surface piercings (imagine an upside down staple with threaded ends) can go nearly anywhere, however low mobility areas (such as the back of the neck or center sternum) have the most success rate.

Dermal Anchors, also just known just as Anchors, are a very versatile piercing t They are an “L” shaped base with a head (top) that can be changed once healed. They heal so well because they are quite small and are held inside the body through tissue growing in between small holes – hence the name Anchors.

Although rejection is a realistic concern with any surface type piercing, if pla Flat jewellery is recommended for the healing period and they don’t generally need to be downsized or changed once done.

Contrary to the common myth, they can be safely and easily changed and removed at our studio without any surgical assistance.

Pain level: Low-Medium
Healing: 3-5 weeks
Initial Jewellery: Flat tops