Welcome to the safety page, here we outline some of our best practices and standards to ensure your procedure is as safe as possible.


All jewellery, disposable tools, equipment, aseptic drapes are sterilised immediately prior to your piercing service in our Scican Statim 2000 units, which are considered the industry gold standard for piercing sterilisation.

This is done not only to allow you to pick from our HUGE range of jewellery in-store to get initially pierced with but also to ensure no contamination occurs with pre-bagged jewellery and equipment.

Piercing Guns


By design, modern piercing guns don’t technically pierce the skin. Instead, they use the jewellery itself to penetrate the skin via force, wedging the jewellery between irritated and now-inflamed skin.

Piercing guns can NOT be autoclaved.

Although the adoption of single-use piercing models and sterile cassettes for guns has reduced the risk of cross-contamination during a procedure, the fundamental flaws of the jewellery design remain unchanged.

Aseptic technique

Boxed examination gloves, although not ‘dirty’, should be considered contaminated by design as they are left open and exposed to airborne pathogens, environmental contaminants and potentially even bugs

It is very common for places that offer piercing services to re-use items like marking pens or use non-sterile items like gloves, fields and cleaning solutions to reduce their costs.

We take your safety very seriously. Basically, anything that touches you during a skin penetration procedure at our studio will be opened out of a sterile bag in front of you to ensure no contamination occurs, including:

  • Sterile nitrile gloves
  • Sterile fields to place equipment on
  • Sterile single-use skin cleaning solutions
  • Sterile single-use marking pens

Handling of jewellery

We ensure all of our staff are trained to wear gloves when handling new jewellery prior to sale to reduce potential contamination.

We also request that if you bring in jewellery (even if it’s new) that you ensure it is inside a sealed bag and that you do not handle it in store. You may also be asked to use our supplied hand sanitiser in store if we suspect accidental contamination may have occurred.

Latex Free

Latex gloves are made from dipped rubber, which shed natural rubber latex particles that stay suspended in the air and may be inhaled or eventually settle onto surfaces or people in the vicinity.

Many clients may not know they have a sensitivity to latex as they may just assume the extra swelling or redness are part of their normal inflammatory period of a fresh piercing

We ONLY use nitrile gloves at our studio. While nitrile does not offer a completely allergy-free alternative, you can rest assured that allergies to nitrile are far less common.


Although your safety is our number one concern, we are also aware of the environmental impact that body piercing services can have on the environment.

For this reason, we recycle unsoiled nitrile gloves through TerraCycle as well as recycling the cardboard boxes our supplies come in.