We only use the following materials for all of our initial piercing procedures:

  • ASTM F-136 6al-4v Implant Grade titanium
  • ASTM F-1295 Implant Grade titanium
  • Solid 14kt (585) yellow/white/rose gold
  • Solid 18kt (750) yellow/white/rose gold
  • Borosilicate (“pyrex”) glass

The conductivity of titanium is 1.76 106 S/m. Although titanium is a much better conductor than other biological tissues such as bone and muscle (conductivities 1.70-1.72 10-1 S/m and 1.50-6.00 10-1 S/m, respectively), the overall conductivity when compared to agood conductor such as copper (conductivity 58.5 106 S/m) is low.14-16

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