Healing Time Frames

Week 1 – Inflammatory Period
Swelling, redness, and light bleeding are to be expected. Try to keep the area cool.

Week 2 onwards – Initial Healing
Yellow ‘crusties’ form as new skin cells are generated. No picking, no touching, no q-tips. This is a good time to send photos.

Week 8-12 – Settled
If you haven’t already, come see us to downsize, if instructed. Continue to not irritate or sleep on your piercing. Continue cleaning if you still have crusty discharge.

6-9 Months – Maturation
The skin inside your piercing should begin stabilising. Come see us if you’re still healing, are having difficulties, or simply wish to change over your jewellery.

Facial Piercings

  • Spray 2-3x a day with STERILE saline. There is no need to rinse off
  • Warm rinses in the shower when comfortable to remove debris
  • Do NOT sleep on piercing side
  • Do NOT turn/twist jewellery
  • Do NOT pick at your crusties
  • Avoid chlorinated pools & spas

Oral Piercings

Lips also follow FACIAL aftercare
Use alcohol-free mouth rinsetwice MAX daily after eating
Eat soft/blended food when new
Do NOT play with jewellery EVER
Drink cool water after meals- Swelling is normal for 2-3 weeks

Torso Piercings

  • Follow FACIAL aftercare
  • Breast nipples should be protected with fresh nursing pads in non-compressive bras for the first 2 months minimum
  • Chest nipples should be protected with an undershirt or singlet when possible
  • No bodily fluids on healing wounds

Genital Piercings

  • Follow FACIAL aftercare
  • Bleeding is normal for the first week
  • Practice safe sex during healing (inc oral)
  • Sex can resume when comfortable
  • Shower before/after sex during healing

Surface Piercings

  • Do NOT cover, catch, or sleep on area
  • Indirectly cool the area 10 mins at a time
  • Hirudoid surrounding area to help bruising
  • Allow us to change your jewellery


  • Keep the area dry if showering in evening
  • Sleeping on, bumping or touching the area will slow healing & cause pressure bumps
  • Poor iron or immune system slows healing
  • Plated metals, <14kt gold, and silver will cause irritation and should be avoided
  • Alcohol, antiseptics, disinfectants and essential oils are irritating/unnecessary
  • Your piercing is as delicate as your eyes, so if in doubt, treat them the same