Piercing Prices

Conch (Outer/Inner)$45+ from$55
Daith$60+ from$55
Dermal Anchor$45+ from$55
Ear lobe (Single)$35+ from$45
Ear lobes (Pair <16)$30+ from$90
Ear lobes (Pair)$50+ from$90
Ear Rim (Helix)$45+ from$55
Eyebrow$50+ from$55
Forward Helix$50+ from$55
Genital (Penis/Vulva)$95+ from$85
Industrial (Standard/Custom)$95+ from$85
Lip (upper/lower)$50+ from$55
Navel$50+ from$55
Nipple (Single) (Breast/Chest)$60+ from$55
Nipples (Pair) (Breast/Chest)$90+ from$110
Nostril$45+ from$55
Rook$50+ from$55
Septum$60+ from$55
Snonch$45+ from$55
Surface bar$80+ from$85
Tongue$60+ from$55
Tragus$50+ from$55
Webbing$50+ from$55
Bridge*$80+ from$55
Cheek*$80+ from$95
* Piercings are subject to mandatory anatomical consultation.

All prices are subject to change without notice.