Our Staff

Origin Story

Operating in Perth since 2013, Opal Heart was planned after our shop daddy Joeltron visited the state to do some guest spots and realized the demand for a high-quality establishment in WA.

Originally located in a small arcade in the CBD, it was designed to be a dream studio filled with cuteness in the form of collectibles and shiny things in the form of professional implant-grade body jewellery.

The studio’s popularity quickly boomed and went from a “one-man-show” to requiring more staffing and structure to keep with the demand. To answer our cries, our dark queen Bree moved from Queensland to join the team and eventually become the manager of the thriving studio whose core goals (and cute trinkets scattered around the waiting area) have remained the same.

Today Opal Heart is considered the pinnacle of professional body piercing in the state and employs a number of talented piercers from WA and abroad while also housing Australian distribution for multiple professional brands.

Our practitioners

Joeltron (@joeltrondotcom)

Hi! I’m Joeltron – I make shiny things for your body!

When I’m not slinging bling, I’m usually tinkering with electronics or trying to “fix” one of my motorbikes. Basically, I like to make things that go beep beep and braaap braaaaap.

I started professionally piercing in Sydney around 2002 and opened my own studio around 2019 where I became Australia’s first APP member in good standing. I moved to Perth to open Opal Heart and absolutely fell in love with the place so I decided to move here!

Bree (@missmodify)

Bats. I do a like of bats.

Jackson (@jackson.smithh_)

I started piercing in 2011 and have stayed with the industry ever since. I started in QLD, working in a few quality orientated studios before moving to Opal Heart to work on my dad jokes and a solid power stance.

Anisah (@anisah.alchemy)

You get a high five if you say my name right!

I’m a local Perth gal who started off small and worked hard to become a part of the best professional piercing studio in the state. I’m a sucker for solid gold and genuine stones, but my passion is working with clients to create their perfect piercing/jewellery set-up. When I’m not in the studio with my Opal Fam, you’ll find me at home relaxing with my animals and preserving butterflies.

Extra high fives if you show me photos of your pets :3

Front of House

Christina (@stinkface27)

From my humble beginnings as a loyal customer, I turned my passion for quality piercings, fine jewellery, and staff discounts into a career at Opal Heart, starting in 2018.

I love helping our clients feel welcome, comfortable, confident, and empowered from the second they walk in the door. My goal is to make our clients fall in love with our studio, just like I did!

When I’m not at the studio, you can find me at home in my lobster pyjamas watching Forensic Files underneath a pile of cats, rolling dice, or fighting dragons.