Our Integrity

There are a few reasons why we might decline a procedure, and although our client satisfaction is very important to us, honoring the integrity of our craft and ensuring your safety will always be our top priorities.

We may choose to decline a piercing in the following circumstances:

  • If you are unable to provide valid ID to prove your age, or, if under 18, you do not bring a parent or legal guardian with accompanying valid ID, as well as a valid linking ID
  • If you are unable to correctly complete our release form in store prior to your piercing
  • If your anatomy or jewellery selection isn’t suited for the specific piercing you want
  • If you have any underlying medical conditions that will drastically effect the safety of yourself or the ability to heal the piercing
  • If you are already healing multiple other piercings, where adding more would result in your immune system not being able to heal the existing ones nor any new ones
  • If we feel you don’t understand the risks or commitments associated with the procedure
  • If you are abusive, rude, or intolerant of any of our staff or other patrons

Getting cartilage piercings in both ears

Generally we encourage our clients to heal one ear at a time to ensure that they can give their total care and attention to that side.

We recommend sleeping on the non-pierced side for the first 6-9 months of healing and having both sides done makes this impossible.

Piercing cartilage with rings

Although some cartilage piercings can be safely pierced with rings and will heal totally fine, many will experience difficulties and result in scar tissue forming.

Usually you are better healing with an implant grade flat-back stud for the first 6-9 months before attempting to be fit with a ring, especially if you want it to be snug.