Service Guarantee

We also guarantee our piercings, meaning if you follow our aftercare and still have to remove your piercing (and keep your jewellery) – we will re-do that same piercing for you free of charge!

We do not warrant a free re-piercing if you just changed your mind or removed the jewellery without consulting with us prior.

Jewellery Guarantee

We guarantee all of our high-quality body jewellery for LIFE against defects and faults.

What that means to you is that if you lose any part of your jewellery during the healing period (limited to 3 months), we replace it entirely for free with a basic titanium component – we can even cover basic shipping worldwide!

If any part of your jewellery breaks and you return the faulty piece – we ship it back to our supplier and have them repair or replace it and get it back to you FREE.

To enquire about a warranty repair, simply EMAIL US (with clear photos) and we will tell you how to proceed.